Single Estate Tea

“Single Estate” refers to any particular unblended tea that comes from any particular tea estate or garden instead of a blend of various tea of the same or many other gardens. These tea have unique characteristics particular to that estate for that season. Like all xcellent wines, their flavor also varying from year to year. These tea are named after their type and respective Garden name, like Makaibari Second Flush, Castleton First Flush. All the tea lovers across the World are mainly after Single Estate Tea due to their individual characteristics.

The garden was established during 1863 – 1868 by British planter with an excellent
quality of chinaries seed stock by random assortment. The present garden is a combination of two tea estates namely Sungma & Turzum. The original name stands as
“Sanga – Maru” taken from Tibetan dialect meaning a place where mushroom grows wildly and abundantly. Likewise Turzum derived from “Taru – Zum” meaning a place of weekly village market. The present phonetics seems to be misnomer given by British planter.In 1934 the massive earthquake demolished the Sungma factory and at later stage
both the gardens were merged and entire manufacturing started in Turzum tea estate.

This garden was established by British planters and Factory was established in the year 1924. Singbulli T.E. roduces Darjeeling Orthodox Black Tea, Green Tea and Speciality Teas. This tea estate is world famous for Clonal Tea, Muscatel Tea, First Flush Tea, Second Flush Tea and Autumn Tea. Total Quality Clone Area is 75 hec. The garden has
4 Divisions, namely 1)Singbulli Division, 2)Manja Divison, 3)Tingling Division and 4)Murmah Divison. Altitude of the garden varies from 1200 ft msl to 4100 ft msl. The garden is spread across 9 nos. of hills, road distance from one end of the garden to last end is 22 Kms. The garden has 1326 nos. of permanent workers and staffs on roll.

Namring Upper
It is one of Darjeeling’s oldest and largest tea estates in India split into Upper and Lower Division and comprises of three tea gardens, namely, Poomong, Jingiam and Namring the highest plantation of which rises to about 1700 meters. It is covered in an area of more than 475 hectares producing the famed Muscatels which is got from the combination of tea bushes comprising of three-fifth are China leaves, three-tenth of the leaves are Clonal
leaves and one-tenth are from Assam hybrid, a combination of which makes it the most loved and desired teas globally by all Darjeeling Tea Lovers. The factory of Namring tea Estate is situated at an altitude of above 1000 meters and handles 1200 metric tones of fresh green leaves annually thereby producing approximately 300 metric tones of teas.

This garden spans along Punkhabari, Kurseong and Hill Cart Road, and located in the south Kurseong sub district. The garden which was established in 1885 by Dr. Charles Graham was named after a castle that still exists in Kurseong area. However the original name of the garden was ‘Kumseri’. It spans across an elevation range of 915 to 1830
meters and covers a cultivation ground of 170 hectares. The main produce here includes black, green and white tea that are cultivated from delicate Chinese bushes. The tea has rose like fragrance and unique muscatel flavor which is World famous.

“Sidrabong” is now known as Arya Tea Estate. ( Since- 1885 ) The legendry garden still preserves the house in which the monks dwelled back in the 1800s. As the legend goes, a monk who was believed to possess extraordinary spiritual powers chanced upon a hill and was left speechless by its purity. He looked all around and felt a sense of elation,
for what he saw was a stunning expanse of beautiful hills being nurtured and caressed by the freshness of the wind. More importantly, it made him realize that he was about to give shape to what had for long been brewing in his mind- a unique flavor of tea that would have no parallel anywhere else in the world. The monk was already revered for
his Chinese seed development skills, and here he was- at gates of Paradise, about to discover a flavor divine. He along with his fellow monks, set about with experimental plantations. They studied in great detail the nature of soil, topography and the weather pattern for years till the right conditions were identified. The hard work yielded rich results as the flavor surpassed their expectations. Hence was born an exceptional brew- inimitable and unmatched till today. The “Sidrabong” gardens were thus established by the monks in the 19th century and the legendary formula was passed over, giving us “Arya Monk” Bio Organic Certified Darjeeling Tea.

This plantation was established in 1871 by M/s Devenport & Company Ltd. The old factory was badly damaged and new factory constructed in 1932. The original name of the Garden was Nahore Balasun taken from the Lepcha dialect. Later on it has been renamed as Balasun only based on a name of a river flowing at bottom of garden area. Garden spreaded at rolling hills with moderately gentle slope and wide open valley. Elevation ranges from 365 mts. to 1375 mts. above MSL with a pleasant weather round the year. The minimum maximum ambient temperature ranges between 7°C in winter to 30°C in peak summer. The garden faces mostly south and south west aspect with a panoramic view.